Our Star Student
of the Week



Dear Families,

     Being our class "Star" is a very special time for the children as they share all about who they are with their classmates. Every child is an important person. Spotlighting children in this special way during the year emphasizes to themselves and friends that they are valued. In class we will be doing various activities and projects about our special stars during their assigned week.  If for any reason your child misses a day during his/her "star" week, not to worry!  The day will be made up at another time.

     Before your child's scheduled "Star Student" week, you may want to work with your child on decorating a poster to share with the class, highlighting him or her. Be creative! You may use pictures, awards, certificates, stickers, glitter ... anything that represents the star student and is of particular interest to him or her can be displayed.

     Please send the poster to school with your child on the Monday of his or her special week. I will send a reminder home when it gets closer to the date.  To check the date now, click on the stars below! Please keep in mind that I attempted to choose full weeks of school, without holidays, and that all the dates were selected at random.

Thank you for helping make this week

extra-special for your child!