Our Star Student of the Week


Scheduled "Star" Dates


Dear Families,

     Being our class "Star" is a very special time for the children as they share all about who they are with their classmates. Every child is an important person. Spotlighting children in this way during the year emphasizes to themselves and friends that they are valued. In class we will be doing various activities and projects about our special stars during their assigned week.  If for any reason your child misses a day during his/her "star" week, or there is a holiday or snow day that falls within the week --- not to worry!  The day will be made up at another time.

     Before your child's scheduled "Star Student" week, you may want to work with your child on decorating a poster to share with the class, highlighting him or her. Be creative! You may use pictures, awards, certificates, stickers, glitter ... anything that represents the star student and is of particular interest to him or her can be displayed.   Please send the poster to school with your child on the Monday of his or her special week. I will send a reminder home when it gets closer to the date.

The weekend before your child’s assigned week, Oakley, our class Webkinz dog, will be allowed to visit and sleep over! Oakley will be bringing his backpack, travel journal and sight words along with her. Please return him to school on Monday, as he is an important part of our school day.


The "Star’s" Schedule...

Monday: Your child will share his or her decorated poster with the class. Children always appreciate the help and support of the adults around them, but please allow your child to take a major part in creating this poster using his or her own imagination and skill.

Tuesday: Sharing Oakley’s travel journal. Inside Oakley’s notebook please help your child write about their weekend adventures together. What did you do while Oakley was with you? You may include some pictures or photos!

Wednesday: Hooray for Show and Tell! Have your child bring in a special belonging. It must be able to fit into a backpack or in a bag that can be handled independently by your child.

Thursday: A guest reader is invited to come in and share the Star Student’s favorite story with our class. Your child will receive their Star Student t-shirt at this time. We have set aside about 15-20 minutes for this activity. The special adult can be a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent or other close family member or friend. Please let me know who will be joining us ahead of time, so I can inform the front office. Remember, this is completely optional, if you are unable to make arrangements to visit we will choose a favorite story at school.

Friday: The class will make and share a surprise for our Super Star!

To check the date now, click on the stars below!

Thank you for helping make this week

extra-special for your child!