Meet Mrs. Nale

     Hi!  My name is Heidi Nale.  This is my 12th year teaching full day Kindergarten at John H. West Elementary.  After graduating from Hofstra University with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, I began my career with Plainedge in 1996 at the Northedge Pre-K and Kindergarten Center.  I first started as a kindergarten assistant, hall monitor, and district substitute.  In 1998, I became the Northedge Computer Teacher for all of the Plainedge kindergartners until the center closed in 2001.   This was a wonderful time in my teaching career, but I was equally excited to begin teaching a full day program with a class of my own!

     As a child, I was quiet and shy.  I often felt that the teachers in my life wanted to change that - by forcing me to be more aggressive and outspoken.  This simply was not my nature. As a result, I did not feel comfortable or safe at school and my elementary years were difficult for me.   I do not believe in changing children, but in bringing out the best they can be!  It is my mission to provide my students with a safe, friendly and engaging   learning environment, where they can be who they are and develop at their own rate to reach their fullest potential.  Our classroom is a place where all children will have the opportunity to show their individual strengths and build upon their unique differences.  I will do my best to encourage and motivate each child to achieve at their highest level and develop into life long learners. 

Here I am in Kindergarten.

This was my Elementary School.


     Education is a partnership between home, school, and community.  Please keep in mind that I am available for parent conferences. concerns or questions at anytime.  Working together we can make this first year in elementary school an enjoyable and challenging experience!


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