Birthday Celebrations


     Celebrating your child's birthday in class is a wonderful event!  It is an opportunity for him or her to wear a birthday crown, stand before the class for a birthday song and good wishes, and then be able to hand out a treat.  Birthday snacks have been a longtime tradition!  The treat you send should be something that is easily handed out by your child independently, and something that can be enjoyed fairly quickly and neatly.  Please be sure to include all necessary supplies such as napkins, plates and spoons.  Drinks will not be needed as the children will have a drink packed for their snack time.  We look forward to sharing many happy occasions and holidays in class.  For all the children who celebrate summer birthdays we will party with them on a special day during the last 2 weeks of Kindergarten, just before we say goodbye for summer vacation.


     If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday in class, please inform me about 1 week prior to your child's birthday.  You may drop off birthday goodies in the morning at the front desk.  Please remember to label them with my name "For Mrs. Nale's Class" so they do not get lost!  If sending in a snack is not convenient for you, just let me know.  I do not want this to be a burden for you.  No matter what, we will make your child's birthday a special event in our classroom!