Dear Family,

     The start of school is an exciting time in a young person's life. I am happy to welcome you to John H. West Elementary School. My name is Mrs. Nale and I am looking forward to having your child in my Kindergarten class this September. The children's enthusiasm and energy offer great challenges, and I look forward to my year with them and with you, too.

     Below you will find a list of supplies your child will need to begin learning in Kindergarten. There is no need to label any loose supplies.  Learning supplies will be available at all times for your child to use. All additional materials will be used to replenish the supplies as necessary.  A detailed list of necessary school supplies, along with directions is on the bottom of this page.

     When sending in supplies with your child, keep in mind the only necessary items on the first day are your child’s backpack, folder, and purple transportation sheet. The rest of the supplies may be heavy, so try to divide them as best as possible over the first few days of school.



Below you will find some important information about
our classroom and daily routines.

ABSENCES - Your child must bring in a signed note when he or she has been absent or is late. In your note state the reason for the absence or lateness and the date of the occurrence. I need to keep accurate records for each child.

TRANSPORTATION - Please clarify by note any changes about the way your child is transported to and from school. This is important information regarding the safety of your child. Make sure your child understands his or her mode of transportation each day.

SNACK - During our busy learning day, the children will have an opportunity to have a "nutrition break" in addition to lunch.

Each day the children will be given a brief time to have a small nutritious snack and beverage. Send your child's small snack, napkin and juice box in a plastic Ziploc bag or brown bag labeled SNACK with his or her name. Please send juice boxes only because thermoses, bottles or cans lead to large spills for our little people and learning time is lost each day cleaning up our room.

LUNCH - Kindergarten children will get to experience lunch in the cafeteria with their schoolmates.


If your child is bringing lunch:

Please send it in a lunch box or brown bag labeled LUNCH with his or her name to avoid confusing it with snack. Again, please continue to send in a juice box.

If your child is buying lunch:

Money being brought to school should be in a sealed envelope with your child's name on the front AND his or her choice of lunch for the day.

Using pre-purchased lunch tickets allows your child to purchase lunch without bringing money to school. If you decide to do this, please send in a note with your child's name and choice of lunch for the day. Information on purchasing these tickets is available from the school.

The school cafeteria needs to have a lunch count first thing in the morning and your cooperation with choosing the type of lunch your child would like is a tremendous help!

TOYS - Please keep all toys at home unless it is your child's turn for Show and Tell. Also, try to limit jewelry as it often breaks upsetting the child, or they misplace it.

These items are better left at home because they quickly become too large a distraction at school. If they do appear, the items will be put away until they can be returned to an adult.

LABELING - Label all personal items that your child brings to school, especially his or her lunch box, snack, backpack and outerwear.


     To read more about important topics such as "Helping Your Child Succeed", "The Value of Play", or questions like, "Is My Child Ready for Kindergarten?" visit my classroom website at:

     During the school year please feel free to call the office or write a note if there are any questions or concerns that you have. I will contact you as soon as possible. If there are any special needs that your child has, please let me know.

     There is nothing more important than the success of your child. We'll work together to help your child do his or her best in Kindergarten. After all, "everything we ever really needed to know we learned in Kindergarten!"


Mrs. Nale


School Supply List


Please Do Not label the following supplies:

3 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons

6 LARGE glue sticks (not liquid)

1 box of sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga pencils are the BEST)

1 box of THIN markers

1 box of markers

1 watercolor paint set

1 pair of child scissors (Fiskars Brand works BEST)

1 box of Kleenex tissues

2 rolls of Paper Towels

1 package of baby wipes

1 box of Gallon Size Ziploc storage bags

Please label the following with your child’s full name:

1 backpack (No rolling backpacks, please)

1 lunch box and 1 snack container

2 marble notebooks

1 coloring book for rainy days in the cafeteria
     (Please, no weapons and no fighting)

3 sturdy folders with bottom pockets
     (pockets should go straight across the bottom)