This is a drawing of me,
made by a former student.


           These are our two kitties.

This is my family.
Mr. Nale, my step-daughter Stephanie, and me!


Alvin is the black and white cat and Simba
is orange.  Simba is Stephanie's cat.
He is about 13 years old now. Alvin is 7 years old.



Stephanie is going to college in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
I am so proud of her, but I miss her at home!


Alvin is snoozing away in his favorite place, his nice, soft kitty bed on top of my wooden file cabinet.



We had a beautiful sunny and warm
May Day wedding!  It was perfect.

This is our house.  As you can see,
I enjoy gardening and planting flowers.


I am an outdoor person and I enjoy
spending time in nature. 


We traveled to the Dominican Republic for our vacation in 2005.

While we were walking on the beach, I had the chance to hold this Macaw. What a beautiful parrot!



Mr. Nale and I have fun playing golf together.

I always get to drive the cart.  That's the best part!!





Below is a collection of all kinds of fun things that I wanted to share with you!




Ahoy Matey!
I'm Captain Nale.
Having a laugh at the Seaport!


This bird feeder is in my backyard. A very silly squirrel was stretching as far as it could -- to get some yummy seeds!



Tinkerbell is one of my favorite Disney characters.
Which one is your favorite?


Look at this cute face!!


This summer I saw the movie "Ratatouille"
It's my NEW favorite!!


I really enjoyed the movie "Over the Hedge".
I thought Hammy was adorable!