All About Oakley


 My favorite color is blue, because of Blue.

My favorite food is his cereal.

My birthday is
July 31


I love to visit Clifford's

To visit, click Clifford.

This is a picture of my
Welcome Party

 My favorite movie is Underdog.


I go to school at
John H. West
I will meet you on our first day!

I love balloons!


When I grow up, I want to be a
Police Dog



Something about me you might not know...

I have always wanted to be invited
on a sleep over.

Bath Time Fun!!



Good night!



Here I am playing outside.



This darling little dog and you will find a really royal friend! This lovingly loyal dog will always stay vigilant at their Royal Guard Station, and when you want to reward them for a job well done, make sure you serve up some Stew for them to enjoy!


I am
special because...
I am a good puppy,
I listen to Mrs. Nale.

Here I am with
    Mrs. Nale.

My very first  commercial.
My mom was so proud of me!

  I love games!

  It's hard for me to believe that I am really a Webkinz! WOW!